Shawnee Forward is on LinkedIn, Are You?

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Did you know that LinkedIn now has over 500 Million professionals on its network? LinkedIn is a place where you can manage your professional identity, build and engage with your professional network, and access knowledge, insights and opportunities. You can follow Shawnee Forward on LinkedIn by clicking here and you can Follow me here.

I have been able to connect and have conversations regarding marketing, startups, leadership, and business development with CEOs, founders, and professionals from all over the country. I have received direct messages (DMs) from local developers looking for insights into products and services they are developing or exploring.

LinkedIn is a great place to market your business to professionals looking for a new position or to find a new position yourself. Mosaic Personnel is a local OKC brand that I follow on LinkedIn that have a video series called #CaffeinatedRecruiters where they talk about the jobs they are recruiting for and interview Executives and HR professionals like Thomas Hill, the CEO of Kimray, Inc. Mosaic is making the recruiting game more personal and fun and deftly exploring the use of video within their LinkedIn marketing strategy. I think that businesses need to push into LinkedIn in new ways, rethinking the importance of this platform to their long-term business goals.

Here at Shawnee Forward we are pushing into LinkedIn and hope that you will join us on this platform. Follow our page, join one of our Groups as they come online this year, and consider being interviewed for our Spotlight Shawnee or Local Leadership series. We want to highlight the businesses and professionals who have chosen to make Shawnee their home. Use the links below to find our staff profiles:

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