Tasty Affair and Auction on September 10, 2019

Jeremy DavidsonChamber Events, Restaurants, Shawnee Events, Shawnee Forward, Tasty Affair and Auction

The date has been set. Now it is time to let everyone know that the Tasty Affair is back and it is time to prepare yourself for the best tasting party of the year. Join us on September 10, 2019 at 6:00pm at the Shawnee Expo Center.

Event registration is now open. We are now accepting auction donations and recruiting volunteers for The Tasty Affair Committee and Event Crew. To know more about Tasty Affair, please email Jeremy Davidson at jdavidson@shawneeforward.com or call (405) 273-6092. I want to build an incredible team to help put on the best event for our community.

We are accepting applications for Food Vendors for this year’s event too. Contact Jeremy Davidson at (405) 273-6092 to sign up for this opportunity.