Volunteer with the Junior Achievement Finance Park

Jeremy DavidsonCommunity

Volunteer today! Do you remember how it felt to be on your own for the first time? How much did you need for food, clothing, insurance, housing? Did you need to buy a car, finance or do without? There are so many questions for someone just starting to make it on their own.

The Junior Achievement Finance Park provides High School students with a hands-on simulation that lets students experience what adulthood or life after High School might be like. The simulation randomly issues each student a life scenario i.e. they might be married with an income of $45,000 (with or without children). From here, the students set their savings, budget for the month, and then try to stay within that budget, paying all the necessary bills.

We need volunteers like you! Each table consists of six students who need a volunteer to offer expertise and guidance about everyday life as an adult. JA provides a one hour training on the day you volunteer which also includes a short run-through of the simulation.

Volunteer date: Thursday, December 5, 2019
Place: Francis Tuttle-Portland Campus
Time: 8:15am to 1:30pm
Schools: Shawnee High School and Thorpe Academy

Signup online at http://bit.ly/2t2veug or email Robin Brown at rbrown@jaok.org.