Shawnee Forward is Creating an Economic Development Strategy for the Shawnee Region

Jeremy DavidsonKey Goals, Shawnee Forward

Since our inception Shawnee Forward, Inc. Members, the Board of Directors, and our Staff have been working together hand in hand to fuel Shawnee as the regional center of economic development.

Creating a comprehensive economic development strategy for the Shawnee region drives our work. We are actively recruiting large businesses to the Shawnee region, engaging in retention and expansion opportunities, cultivating the start of new businesses, strengthening the industrial base of Shawnee, and encouraging strong workforce development efforts.

Shawnee must be pro-active and strategic in putting together the pieces of economic development. Shawnee Economic Developer Tim Burg, CEcD and C.E.O. Tracy Qualls, IOM work hard everyday to put the pieces on the board and work with key players to put the strategy into motion. Shawnee is on the move!

Economic development is one of the key reasons that Shawnee Forward matters to the Shawnee region. Join us in our efforts! When we work together…we all win. Help us move Shawnee forward.