But What Else Is At Stake?

Jeremy DavidsonMonday Memo

All Oklahoman’s win with an accurate and complete Census count. The more people counted means more money and power for Oklahoma residents at home and in Washington.

  • Oklahoma stands to lose $1,675 per person per year of federal funding to support programs that use Census data.  That is $16,750.00 per person over ten years. 
  • Census data are used by public officials to determine distribution of federal funds for programs, including: breakfast and lunch programs for schools; Medicare and Medicaid; transit; Head Start programs; hospitals; community grants and more.
  • Oklahoma could gain another Congressional seat and an increase in the number of electoral college votes – increasing representation at the federal level.
  • Federal funding for infrastructure programs, including rebuilding roads, highways and bridges.
  • An inaccurate Census count means the hard-to-count populations will rely more heavily on nonprofit organizations for services.

Staff would like to thank Katherine Long of the PCDA in Ponca City for allowing us to plagiarize some of her work to highlight the need to do our part to with the 2020 Census.  EVERYONE needs to be counted.