A Jewel In Our State

Jeremy DavidsonMonday Memo

This past week we were able to arrange a tour for a prospect of ours of the Robert M. Kerr, Food and Ag Product Center on the campus of Oklahoma State University in Stillwater.   This isn’t the first time we have toured that facility with a prospect, and we are fairly certain it will not be the last.

For those who don’t know much or in some cases, anything about this facility, here is what you need to know.  WOW is that place is awesome!!!!

Now that we have your attention, when you have something as outstanding as this facility in your state, it is important that we share the news about what they can offer.  

Whether it is someone who is already engaged in or who is planning to be in the working in the areas of food production, added-value, sales, distribution or marketing of food related products, a connection to this facility can mean the difference between success and failure.

For some who think that feeding America is digging a hole in the dirt, dropping in a seed, covering it up and adding water, we have a few suggestions that they may wish to explore in greater depth,  to allow them to gain a better idea what goes into the processes of providing us with a safe, inexpensive and healthy food products actually means.

The professionals at the Food and Ag Product Center, can support businesses who need supportive services on analytical analysis of the products they make.  They are also able to help with a business plan review or a product or market feasibility analysis.  

Additionally, they are experts in food safety and label review, which involves knowing what the FDA requires on items produced not only in the US, but anything sold in America.  If you need to help explain the nutritional fact analysis of products, using their expertise and knowledge can be the missing ingredient you may need. 

They have extensive experience in understanding how marketing food products is undertaken and can assist someone who wants to launch their own food product by helping them do the hard work of being able to adhere to the requirements of the USDA/FDA and with a Pilot Scale- Processing program.

Another of their additional outstanding programs at the facility is an Industry Advisory Committee made up of food and agricultural industry leaders who are appointed by the highest positions of the Oklahoma state government. 

The committee offers counsel, makes decisions and takes leadership action to ensure FAPC makes sound short- and long-term plans to accomplish its mission and objectives.   

The facility is also a key contributor to the Made in Oklahoma program that has had worldwide recognition in highlighting the great products made in this state.

Without question the tour we had with our prospect left them with a better idea of how our state could support their needs, and as usual we were thrilled to tag along. 

If you would like to know more about the OSU Food and Ag Product Center, you can learn more here.  http://fapc.biz/

This is a facility all Oklahomans should know about, so they can share that information with the world.