Round Two

Jeremy DavidsonEconomic Development, Economic News, Monday Memo

Even when things all around us seem chaotic, the business of business goes on.  This past week saw us submit more information on a project that has us connected to a foreign manufacturer who was looking for a new place to produce their products.   

We are convinced that RIGHT HERE is a good place for someone to consider doing that very thing.  For those of you who don’t understand what else they would want to know about us, here is an abbreviated list.  

The site selector that is working with the client wants to know about the cost of utilities in our part of the country, so they can compare us with other U.S. locations.  The not so hidden secret is that we are highly competitive in utility rate area.  

They also want to know about our wage levels for a wide range of manufacturing and administrative jobs.  We think that we can meet or beat what most states can offer in, as our low cost of doing business in the state provides us with a distinctive advantage.

Our site selectors also wanted to know more about property taxes, workforce employment levels and training programs, any local or state incentive programs and a lot more, which we were more than happy to supply to them. 

All of this data and the information that we have previously submitted is all complied and then they site consultant will review that information line item by line item.  

Previously we have submitted information about the make-up of our community, our sites and what they have to offer, our strategic location, which if you have forgotten is right in the middle of the nation, and a whole lot more. 

And now we have to wait to see if we advance to Round #3.