Need to Talk? Grab Some Time Using Our New Calendly Appointment System

Jeremy DavidsonKey Goals, Shawnee Forward

In the age of social distancing it can be hard to grab some face-to-face time or just drop by the office. We get it. That is why we are putting up a Calendly Appointment system on our homepage where you can schedule a phone call, Google Hangout, or ZOOM meeting with our staff.

Visit to schedule your appointment. We would love to visit with you and learn more about your business.

We will in the near future offer and book Webinar and Group Learning Sessions online using the Calendly System. Please let us know if you have interest at this time in Webinar sessions over:

  • Creating a Google My Business Listing
  • Automating Your Work With Zapier
  • Using Airtable to Organize Your Data
  • YouTube for Your Business and Video Basics
  • Getting Started with eCommerce Platforms
  • Streamlining Your Digital Marketing Workflow

What topics interest you the most? Send Marketing and Events Director Jeremy Davidson an email at with your picks. Visit to schedule your appointment.