Jeremy DavidsonEconomic Development, Monday Memo

Hollywood often times likes to portray a hero as someone who is a rugged kind of person, who overcomes insurmountable odds, by themselves, often in an exotic locale.   Most of the time we see those kinds of actors in action films where guns are blazing, explosions are taking place and the scene is filled with madness and mayhem.

What each of us faces today with the COVID-19 crisis is truly allowing us to see what a HERO really looks like.  These aren’t people who are paid millions of dollars to portray something they are not, or those own yachts and drive around in chauffeur driven cars.

The real HEROES are those who are treating the elderly in our community, or those who are testing individuals who believe they may be infected with the Coronavirus.  

Every time someone enters their healthcare facility with a cough, a fever or other symptoms, these healthcare providers put their own personal health is put in harm’s way.  Nurses, Doctors, Technicians, Housekeeping staff, the Building maintenance crew and those who prep the meals in our healthcare facilities are all HEROES.  

The same holds true for those who wear the uniform of a Police Officer, a Fireman or that of any kind of emergency responder.  They are all on the thin front lines of keeping us safe and healthier, even during times when they put themselves at risk.  None of them know what they will face when they roll up onto a house fire, a vehicle accident or someone in need. 

Our Pharmacists, are also in that category, along with countless numbers of staff that work in the Non-Profits in our community. They are most often who the sick, infirm and elderly are turning to first for some relieve.

Let’s not forget the person behind the counter at the gas stations, those who check us out at the grocery store, the municipal workers who are keeping our water flowing and our streets repaired. 

Our elected officials, who rarely hear about the good they do, are also in this category.  They are making hard choices about decisions that will affect our lives and their lives as well.  If you don’t believe that statement, then walk a mile in any of their shoes or tag along with one of them to hear what they deal with each day.  

In a time when it would be easy for a lot of people to just stay home, we have people in the retail shops who are going out of their way to change the way they do business, to provide carry out meals and other items to those who want what they can offer.

We have individuals going out of their way and possibly even into harm’s way to fill boxes of food for those who are in dire straights and who have a need to just feed themselves.

It is my hope that as we spend the time being quarantined in our respective homes, possibly watching an action movie with our children, that we would spend a little time before, during or after explaining to them, and yes reaffirming to ourselves as well, that the real HEROES are all around us, each and every day.

Thank you to everyone who cares for others during this time…. God Bless You All!!!