Now That You Have Some Extra Time On Your Hands

Jeremy DavidsonEconomic Development, Monday Memo

While there have been a few deadline changes with the 2020 Census, this might be a GREAT time for you to go online and knock that project out.  

So far the response rate from Pottawatomie County is DISMAL…. That is a highly technical term for low.  The latest statistics we saw showed that we had a 15% to 30% response from those who lived here.  I think we can do MUCH better than that.

Remember that the data collected will be tied to the funding we can receive from the Federal Government for things such as additional food resources to those in need.  When that survey hits your inbox, I hope that thought will enter your mind that you could be determining whether a child gets a meal or not.  

Or possibly you might be that person who needs to receive that meal?

I mail isn’t your thing, use the online 2020 Census access link, as it will allow you to reduce the time it takes to gather the data, eliminate the need for the mail system to deliver you a hard copy of the survey, or (Heaven forbid), requiring someone to knock on your door to obtain your Census Info.

In a complicated world, using the 2020 Census online access might make perfect sense to some of you.  And now that you have read this far, why don’t you take the time to fill out the survey right now?

And just in case you need to know what that link is, here you go:

2020 Census is more than you think it is, fill it out and do it now.