Article Alert: Five Strategies Resourceful Small Businesses are Trying During Social Distancing

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I found this article from in my Inbox this morning and have been thinking about many of you. I hope that you find it as valuable as I have. Five Strategies Resourceful Small Businesses are Trying During Social Distancing.

If you have changed the way you are operating your business or are considering a change, we would love to hear from you. What is working? What is causing you trouble? We can highlight your story on our blog. We want to celebrate our wins as a community…and as best we can, we want to support those that are fighting for a win right now.

We have many resource partners and members who can help in a number of ways. If you need help with a project or simply need a place to vent we are here for you.

FYI: Zapier is a favorite online software program we use here are at Shawnee Forward to automate our workflow. It has easily automated 26 hours of my month, and I would more readily say over 40. Imagine having and extra 26 or 40 hours in your month at work…for activities and stuff. Pretty wild. Erica Bass from Community Renewal and I have been working on a Zapier training workshop. If you want to attend a Zapier Intro Workshop via Zoom soon please send an email to Shawnee Forward Marketing and Events Director Jeremy Davidson at