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Shawnee Forward Daily Fashion Forecast Showcases Amazing Local Businesses and the Influencers Dressed from Them

Jeremy DavidsonLocal Business News, Shawnee Forward

Every morning we wake up, grab our phones, check the weather, snoop on Facebook, brush our teeth, take a shower, get dressed, check ourselves in the mirror one last time, and head out the door…but what if we took one extra moment to share with others a literal snapshot of the local boutiques, clothing stores, and jewelry that we have purchased locally here in Shawnee. Just a snap and a tap of our fingers is all it takes to highlight our local businesses. We can all be incredible influencers to others about the amazing places to shop here in Shawnee.

So Shawnee Forward is going to prompt you every morning for a season or more with a social post of the day’s weather forecast and we hope that you will give us a little fashion forecast.

What will you be wearing today and where did you buy it. Tag a boutique with your photo and use the hashtags #shawnee #fashionforecast.

“Top from @CuckooBird, purse from @Dillards, earrings from @Wystle, pants from @TJMaxx. #shawnee #fashionforecast.”

Need help finding some places to put that outfit together? We got you. Check out our Membership Directory to find great boutiques and customize your shopping experience.

Pretty simple. Look for the Fashion Forecast to post to the Shawnee Forward Facebook page every morning around 7:00am. Pop in the comments at anytime of day with a selfie and comment with a rundown of your outfit. Get the kids involved. Get your coworkers involved. Help us make fashion influencers in Shawnee that show the rest of Pott. County and beyond that we can put something together. But most importantly, help us make a big deal of the local boutiques and shops that call Shawnee home.