Tasty Affair

Shawnee Forward Makes Decision to Cancel Annual Tasty Affair Due to COVID-19

Jeremy DavidsonChamber Events, Events, Shawnee Events, Tasty Affair and Auction

After much discussion Shawnee Forward has made the difficult decision to cancel The Tasty Affair and Auction originally scheduled for Tuesday, October 20, 2020.

“We feel that Covid-19 has presented Shawnee Forward with no other option but to cancel The Tasty Affair. This event has become Shawnee Forward’s signature event but the fact remains that there are far too many unknowns to be able to properly and safely plan this event,” said Tasty Affair Committee Member Katie Landes.

Mrs. Landes said, “We held out hope as long as we could in hopes that we would not have to cancel the event. Several factors came into play such as public health, resources, and the economic impact that Covid-19 has taken upon our business community. It was determined that current restrictions would not allow us to recreate the event experience that we have all come to know and love. We are hopeful the event will return in 2021.”

“The impacts of Covid-19 have forced many tough decisions, not just for Shawnee Forward but for everyone around us. Our commitment is to use this fall to support our business community and work to make 2021 the best year yet,” Shawnee Forward Chairperson Melissa Dennis.

The Tasty Affair and Auction has grown to over 500 attendees, placing dozens of Shawnee’s favorite food and drink vendors on the menu under one roof, and putting hundreds of items on the auction block.  The committee will be working to plan a different way to feature and highlight local restaurants and businesses.  Continue to watch https://shawneeforward.com for future events and activities.