BancFirst Pottawatomie County Public School Donation Program

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BancFirst is committed to the betterment of the communities we serve by investing in school groups, organizations, or teams and their related activities. 

Donation Program Guidelines РProgram application can be downloaded at:

Donation applications are available to organizations sponsored by any Pottawatomie County public school district (independent and dependent).

BancFirst will award donations in the amounts of $500.00 and $250.00.

School districts can have multiple recipients.

Eligible donation applications for 6th grade and above:

Teams, organizations, clubs, and bands are eligible to apply.

Donation applications must be completed by a student representative.

All applications must be complete, typed, and signed by the student and the school sponsor/teacher to attest 

to the accuracy of the application.

Eligible donation applications for 5th grade and under:

Teams, organizations, clubs, bands are eligible to apply; Parent/Teacher organizations are eligible to apply 

(PTA, PTO, PTSA, etc.).

A parent can complete the application but it will be required for a student to sign the application.

All applications must be complete, typed, and signed by the student and a parent and school sponsor/teacher 

to attest to the accuracy of the application.

Individual teachers are not eligible to apply for classroom projects so that the BancFirst program does not conflict with the Shawnee Educational Foundation. Funds must go to benefit an organization, not an individual.

Donation applications will be reviewed and awarded by an independent review committee. All decisions are final.

If selected as a donation recipient, the student applicant & school sponsor must attend the donation presentation. 

A completed donation application must be submitted by the following deadlines: 

Applications must be received by September 15, 2021.

Award recipient will be announced on or about October 15, 2021.

One application per organization.

Return the completed donation application by September 15, 2021:

Hand Delivery – Attn: Shannon Chandler

BancFirst Shawnee: 1939 N. Harrison

3443 N. Kickapoo

302 N. Broadway

BancFirst Tecumseh: 1213 N. Gordon Cooper

BancFirst McLoud: 508 W. Broadway

Via E-mail

By Mail 

BancFirst Shawnee

Attn: Shannon Chandler

1939 N. Harrison

Shawnee, OK 74804