Kindness Forward Employee of the Month

Sponsored by DEMCO Printing and the Shawnee News-Star.

Who chooses: Ambassadors

How do they choose:  Ambassadors interact in their community all month.  On the last Wednesday of every month, an email with a link to a google nomination document will be sent to Ambassadors.  Shawnee Forward staff will choose the winner and notify Demco and the Business Owner/Manager of the award and why they were chosen. 

When do we present: every 2nd Tuesday of every month, Renee or Demco representative and Shawnee Forward representative will surprise/not surprise the employee with their award.

How do we announce: Shawnee Forward will submit a press release to the Shawnee News Star, post to social media platforms and insert announcement in the weekly Forward Motion email blog. 

The Award: $50 Check.  Framed certificate. (currently seeking a trophy sponsor)  

Who is eligible: Employees of Shawnee Forward Members who exhibit extraordinary kindness in their workplace.  Preferably lower level positions.    


  1. To foster a campaign of kindness in our community.
  2. To recognize individuals who make commerce in our town a positive experience.