Zapier Intro Workshop – Easy Automation for Busy People –

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Easy automation for busy people. Join us and discover how easy it can be to automate part of your work. We will learn about the Zapier platform and review two local case studies that show how you can save time and money using this platform….and accomplish more in less time. The Zapier Intro Lunch Workshop will take place on Tuesday March 24, 2020 from 11:30a to 1:00pm at Shawnee Forward. Tickets are required and will include a box lunch and beverage. Jeremy Davidson, Marketing and Events Director for Shawnee Forward, and Erica Bass, Marketing and Communications Coordinator for Community Renewal, will be facilitating this workshop. Contact Jeremy Davidson at (405) 273-6092 for more details. This event will take place at Pioneer Library System.

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For more information contact Marketing and Events Director Jeremy Davidson at (405) 273-6092.

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