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Proposed State Economic Development Legislation

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We received this list of proposed economic development legislation and would love to get your feedback. Please download and read through the PDF here. Contact us at if you have something you would like expressed to our local representation regarding these proposed bills.

Manufacturers, importers and exporters save money at Iron Horse

Iron Horse Industrial Park: Manufacturers, importers and exporters save money at Iron Horse

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By Vedrana Milakovic, MBA, CCS Administrative Research Analyst of Planning & Economic Development at Citizen Potawatomi Nation When speaking about Iron Horse, I am often asked how a certified customs specialist can benefit a company manufacturing from one of the central United States’ most strategically placed industrial parks. Each manufacturing company is unique and belongs to different chapters in the …

Savings on the horizon for Pro-Pipe USA at Iron Horse Industrial Park

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Pro Pipe USA’s manufacturing site rises in the background of its Iron Horse Industrial Park site in July 2020 . The first tenant at Citizen Potawatomi Nation’s Iron Horse Industrial Park is one step closer to moving product in and out of its foreign-trade zone. Foreign-Trade Zone Board Executive Secretary Andrew McGilvary authorized Pro Pipe USA, LLC’s application of proposed …

U.S. Department of Commerce Awards $2.5m for Enhanced Infrastructure and Jobs

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U.S. Department of Commerce awards $2.5m for enhanced infrastructure and jobs In late May, the U.S. Department of Commerce Economic Development Administration awarded Citizen Potawatomi Nation a $2.5 million grant to help diversify business growth at Iron Horse Industrial Park. “Enhanced infrastructure at the Iron Horse Industrial Park will strengthen the Citizen Potawatomi Nation’s ability to launch new ventures and …

Economic Development Will Not Stop Environmental Sustainability in Indian Country

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Economic development will not stop environmental sustainability in Indian Country Construction continues at Iron Horse Industrial Park, Wednesday, April 29, 2020. I’m often asked, how is it possible to marry two opposing principles in our mission at the @Iron Horse Industrial Park? The premise of this question is how can we at Citizen Potawatomi Nation truly advocate for environmental stewardship …

Iron Horse’s Focus on Sustainable Economic Development a Must for Indian Country

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The largescale cessation of travel doesn’t mean thought leaders stop finding ways to dialogue. In mid-May, Citizen Potawatomi Nation Planning and Economic Development Director James C. Collard, Ph.D., participated in the International Legal Symposium Concerning Human Rights, The Sustainable Development Goals and the Law, sponsored by the Centre for International Sustainable Development Law with other experts from around the globe. In his …

Now That You Have Some Extra Time On Your Hands

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While there have been a few deadline changes with the 2020 Census, this might be a GREAT time for you to go online and knock that project out.   So far the response rate from Pottawatomie County is DISMAL…. That is a highly technical term for low.  The latest statistics we saw showed that we had a 15% to 30% …


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Hollywood often times likes to portray a hero as someone who is a rugged kind of person, who overcomes insurmountable odds, by themselves, often in an exotic locale.   Most of the time we see those kinds of actors in action films where guns are blazing, explosions are taking place and the scene is filled with madness and mayhem. What …


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Most days is fairly easy for me to be an optimist.  In the business of economic development, we are fortunate to see what is before us more often than those things that impede us.   While the COVID-19 pandemic has thrown a big monkey wrench into all of our plans, we WILL overcome this and come roaring back stronger than …

Round Two

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Even when things all around us seem chaotic, the business of business goes on.  This past week saw us submit more information on a project that has us connected to a foreign manufacturer who was looking for a new place to produce their products.    We are convinced that RIGHT HERE is a good place for someone to consider doing …