Pandemic Panic

Jeremy DavidsonEconomic Development, Monday Memo

The sky is falling, the world is coming to an end, we are at the end of our rope, it’s madness in the aisle of our grocery stores, chaos in the streets and oh my gosh we are running out of toilet paper.

In all seriousness the COVID 19 virus is a big deal and something we should be gravely concerned about, just as we should be about a LOT of things.  There is no doubt that this worldwide health crisis will affect everyone in one manner or another.

Each of us can react in a manner that we see fit, but from our own personal perspective, panic and fear is not a prudent decision.  Regardless of your politics, personal beliefs or faith in our government or the healthcare systems in our nation, we are surrounded by professionals.

While we do not wish to make light on the seriousness of this health event, never forget that we are the BEST nation in the world to deal with this latest threat to our lifestyle and personal well-being. 

So, what is our advice?  Remain informed. Listen to those who are the professionals in all of this and who can provide us with sound wisdom and clear directions.    

Learn what you can about the possible threats from the virus, how it spreads, what the symptoms are, who to contact if you are experiencing those symptoms and remain calm.

And above all else, wash your hands A LOT