Virtual Job Fair for Employers with Shawnee Forward

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Shawnee Forward, Inc. is hosting a Virtual Job Fair where prospective employees can learn more about your business and employment opportunities.

Visit to complete the Employer Virtual Job Fair Application Form.

If you have any questions please contact Shawnee Forward, Inc. Marketing and Events Director Jeremy Davidson at (405) 273-6092.

What You Will Need:
-A brief description of your company.
-What positions are you hiring for?
-Full-time? Part-time?
-Benefits available?
-Salary range, if available.
-Anticipated start date?
-How can people apply?
-Who is your point of contact?
-You may upload a 60-Second Video

Information gathered in this form will be used to build your Virtual Job Fair Profile, which will be posted to the Shawnee Jobs Facebook Page and the Shawnee Forward, Inc. Facebook Page.

Check out the engagements and shares on our recent post for Jindal Films. Partner with Shawnee Forward, Inc. in your hiring search, raise your hiring profile with the Shawnee area workforce, and meet a new group of candidates.