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Are You Hiring? You Should Get the Word Out with the Shawnee Forward Job Fair

Jeremy DavidsonUncategorized

The Shawnee Forward Job Fair is a free resource for Shawnee Forward members designed to help them connect with workforce applicants in the Shawnee and OKC Metro area. Our Job Fair posts are distributed through platforms that reach over 65,000 people…and that number is rapidly growing every week.

We believe this to be an incredible time to connect with applicants for your business…and it couldn’t be easier.

Complete the form at https://bit.ly/2wSrulJ to get your hiring opportunities in front of tens of thousands of applicants. Stop paying for overpriced online job ads when you can get your opportunities delivered for free. Have I mentioned that we have a weekly Shawnee Area Jobs newsletter that is delivered to the inboxes of job seekers every Monday morning?

Want a leg up on the competition for workforce? The Shawnee Forward Job Fair is for people seeking a job too. Applicants can submit their resumes to create a profile on our website. These resumes and profiles can be sent out to registered Hiring Managers and HR Personnel as they are received. Be the first to meet qualified applicants in our area by contacting Jeremy Davidson at jdavidson@shawneeforward.com.