Small Business Grants

Small Business Relief Grants Awarded to 33 Local Businesses

Jeremy DavidsonUncategorized

Shawnee Forward is very happy to play a part in awarding 33 small businesses in Pottawatomie County relief grants. Funds for these grants were provided by The City of Shawnee, The City of Tecumseh, and the Pottawatomie County Commissioners.

Shawnee Forward received 64 total eligible applicants and 33 of them will receive funding. The total amount funded will be $105,000.  $50,000 was contributed by Pottawatomie County, $50,000 by you, the City of Shawnee and $5,000 from the City of Tecumseh.

While the total sales loss represented by the applicants was $4.2M.  The award recipient with the greatest year over year revenue loss was $649,839, and they were a service industry that does not pay sales tax, so their pain is not reflected in the sales tax revenue trends of our City that have been reporting to be steady. We found service-type industries to make up the largest request for funding. The task force evaluated all 64 applications and their proposed business plan and anticipated return on investment.

We are very excited about these awards and the plans submitted and look forward to following up with our businesses in 90 days to discover how these grants have impacted their business and the greater Pott. County community.