Key Goals

The Program of Work for Shawnee Forward sets out our key objectives, focus of work, and channels for accomplishment. Together these coordinated actions and activities guide our work throughout the year.

The Shawnee Forward organization is in place to lead the Shawnee area and surrounding region in both community and economic development efforts. Shawnee Forward brings together the resources, commitment, and energy of both the chamber and economic development organizations, and will be the lead marketing and business attraction/retention entity for the community. In addition to business attraction and retention, Shawnee Forward will work to build a stronger entrepreneurial and innovation ecosystem, to also support private employers in identifying, recruiting and developing talent, and act as a unified, collaborative voice to all of the businesses that call this community home.

Key Goals

  • Goal One

    Creating a comprehensive economic development strategy

  • Goal Two

    Educating and developing a sustainable workforce

  • Goal Three

    Facilitating the growth and expansion of the business community

  • Goal Four

    Investing in the consistent cultivation of relationships

  • Goal Five

    Launching an internal organizational communications strategy

  • Goal Six

    Establishing effective and efficient internal operations

  • Goal Seven

    Projecting a positive image and brand identity

Shawnee Forward leads a thriving region that fosters and respects diversity, culture, relationships, and entrepreneurship.
Shawnee Forward exists to lead and empower a diverse community through collaborative economic growth, workforce development, and educational enrichment, to improve the quality of life and opportunities for the greater Shawnee area.
Shawnee Forward