Pottawatomie County Young Professionals

The Pottawatomie County Young Professionals (PCYP) are enthusiastic young businesspeople in Pottawatomie County working together with a mission of developing tomorrow’s leaders through relevant networking (N), recognition (R), and personal growth (PG) opportunities.

Target Audience for PCYP:

  • Between the age of 22-39
  • Looking to network
  • Interested in meeting people in person and attending events
  • Concerned about public policy, taxes, and regulations that impact your business and your family
  • Looking for resources that can help you grow and develop as a young professional
  • Wanting to be involved with making a difference in our community
  • A part of a growing company seeking to take on community leadership roles
  • Affiliated with an established organization that is committed to shaping the policies for the future of our area

PCYP is a quality group of diverse young professionals working together to showcase Pottawatomie County as an attractive place to live, work, and play.

PCYP provides its members with opportunities to advance their careers and build relationships with community and business leaders.

PCYP provides a forum for young professionals to establish and strengthen their business network.

(PCYP) broadens the base of activities and organizations available to young professionals by organizing a framework for social, cultural, educational, and community service activities.

(PCYP) provides a forum for young professionals to obtain information and develop the network and leadership skills to better serve family, profession, and community.

February 22nd: 8:30AM – 10:00AM
Interpersonal Skills at work & in your neighborhood: PCYP Professional Development Seminar

March 17th:  7:00PM
PCYP St. Patty’s Party- Location TBD

March 26th & 27th: 1:00PM (26th)- 4:00PM (27th)
Committee Retreat- Location TBD